Lactation Massage Roller

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The Lactation Massage Roller takes the work of breast massage off your hands while still delivering the same results. This must-have tool improves milk flow, breaks down clogs, and helps stimulate milk production.


  • Multiple ways to use it depending on your needs
  • Scooped handle for scooping milk forward
  • Water resistant for use in the shower
  • Medical grade silicone
  • BPA free
  • This product is FSA/FSA eligible. Learn more.


Did you know that studies show hands-on breast massage can get yield up to 48% more milk and twice as much fat content. Simple and straightforward, the Lactation Massage Roller helps you get the most out of breast massage without exhausting your hands. Manual breast massager without the hard work.

Whether pumping or nursing, breast massage with the Lactation Massage Roller helps you get every last drop out of your time by helping you:

  • Stimulate milk production
  • Empty breasts more effectively
  • Improve milk flow and letdown
  • Reduce clogged ducts

The massage roller can be used as before, during, and after your nursing or pumping session. 


*Patents Pending

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Melissa M.
United States United States

Must have

I love this item. It’s so much easier than hand massaging. An added plus is my daughter is teething and loves putting the roller and handle in her mouth!

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Angie F.
United States United States


I have clogs all the time. This helped relieved my tired and tingling fingers from manually massaging.

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Ana J.
United States United States

Amazing tool!!!

I am not a nursing mama, nor have I or ever been pregnant. I am 21 years old married for 3 years and developed an ovarian cyst... I went to the ER due to a rupture, years later it reappeared and keeps coming and going. I asked if hot compress, & massages would help. They said if it makes me feel better than yes. My mom usually massages lymph’s so she started to massage my inguinal lymph and it has gotten SO much better!! I told her I was looking into a hand massager or a tool to help me massage my lymph’s/abdomen etc and showed her this tool, she wanted one as well. Now that it came in the mail today, we were So excited to try it out!!! It’s great, definitely a must have, and so convenient especially when traveling!!! I am so glad this is sturdy and better than I expected!:) 5/5 stars ⭐️ Happy customer, great buy, and price!

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Amber P.
United States United States

Best breastfeeding tool!

I am inducing lactation for our adopted child. These massagers have helped me tremendously with increasing my supply and with emptying my breasts every time I pump! Best purchase ever!

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Gerson B.
United States United States

Great massager

Big help with the let-down process and clogged ducts.

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Alicia H.
United States United States

Helped with clogged ducts

Liked the massager. It was easy to use and helped work out some clogged ducts.

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Brittany P.
United States United States

Wonderful massager!!

It has been wonderful to have something I can use in several different ways to get the results and in some instances relief I need. Great product!!! Recommending to all my friends expecting!

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Brittany D.
United States United States

Great roller!

I really love this massage roller! The best part is the roller balls are detachable so I can use this massage roller as many different tools. I had a clogged duct and the massager helped me get that area unclogged. I would highly recommend this product!

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
Jazlyn D.
United States United States


Best product for breastfeeding... a must buy for nursing moms

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review
United States United States

Thank goodness for the Lactation Massage Roller

The massage roller helped me with clearing a plugged duct!!! Due to a healthy breast milk supply, I get plugged ducts often. I found this lactation massage roller to be very helpful in releasing the milk that was trying to hold my supply hostage. I intend on ordering the warming massager tool soon as well. I have a feeling that may help me even more, if I have another plugged duct in the future.

LaVie Mom Lactation Massage Roller Review