FSA/HSA Eligible Products


What is FSA/HSA?

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) are insurance plans similar to a personal savings accounts. The money placed into these accounts are Tax-Free and can only be used for qualifying medical expenses. 

  • Contributions to HSAs are not subject to federal income taxes.
  • Earnings to an HSA from interest and investments are tax-free.
  • Distributions from an HSA to pay for qualified medical expenses are tax-free.

Which products are eligible for FSA/HSA payments?

Medical expenses towards supplies that assist in lactation are approved by the IRS, however, this does not cover all products such as a nursing or pumping bra for example. If you are unsure which items are covered, it is best to contact your insurance provider. They may require you to get a letter of medical necessity from a licensed medical practitioner prior to purchase. 

These items are FSA/HSA eligible:

How do I pay using my FSA/HSA account?

If you have an FSA/HSA debit card, you can process the payment through our website just like a regular credit card payment. 

If you do not have a dedicated FSA/HSA card, or if you want to purchase additional items that are not eligible in the same order, you can make a purchase using your regular banking/credit card and submit the receipt to your provider for reimbursement of the massagers. Make sure to keep the receipt for proof or you can contact us for a copy of the invoice. 

Why is my payment not going through? 

There may be a few reasons. First, FSA and HSA payments are only eligible using our built in credit card payment interface. If you try to use your card through Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Paypal or other payment gateways, it may be rejected.  

You may also need to check that your card is eligible to be used as a credit card. 

If you receive any error on the website and need additional assistance please save any screenshots of the issue and contact us at