Our Story

The Original Creator of the "Lactation Massager", Established in 2017

LaVie™ Mom was inspired by the breastfeeding journey and challenges of nursing mothers who, for so long, could only lean on unreliable solutions like combs and electric toothbrushes to relieve the painful and frustrating symptoms associated with breastfeeding, such as clogged ducts and engorgement.

We made it our mission to create solutions that help, starting with the NAPPA Award Winning and Amazon Best Selling LaVie™ Lactation Massager, which was originally released in 2017 as the first of its kind on the market.

Since then, the company has received over 15,000 reviews from happy customers worldwide and has helped 400,000 mothers (that's 800,000 boobies!) across the globe find success while breastfeeding.

The products have been recognized by Parents, Romper, Yahoo, SheKows, and The Bump as a go-to tool for nursing and pumping mothers.

LaVie™ Mom is also used in over 100 hospitals, lactation clinics, and WIC programs as it continues to be a guiding light for nursing mothers and medical professionals everywhere.