Beyond Plugged Ducts: Other Benefits of The Lactation Massager

Beyond Plugged Ducts: Other Benefits of The Lactation Massager

Beyond Plugged Ducts: Other Benefits of The Lactation Massager

The LaVie Lactation Massager is wonderful for unclogging plugged ducts, but you don’t need to have a plug to benefit from it. The members of our #LaVieMom community have been using their massagers to meet plenty of other breastfeeding challenges. Read on to learn other ways that the Lactation Massager can help you.

Reduce Engorgement: Almost all moms experience breast engorgement at some point on their breastfeeding journey. Engorgement is the painful inflammation that occurs when the breasts become overfull. Engorgement can occur in the areola (the darkened area around the nipple), in other areas in the breast, or in one or both breasts, depending on your nursing pattern. Regardless of where the engorgement is located, use the Lactation Massager to massage the painful, hard part of the breast. The gentle vibrations and design allow you to work a smaller or larger surface area prior to nursing your little one, which can help soften the breast and give your baby a deeper latch.

Improve Let-Down: Is your let-down reflex too slow? Does your baby get cranky each time you put him to the breast because your flow is just not fast enough? The Lactation Massager can help! If your let-down needs a tune up, use the Lactation Massager just before nursing to help stimulate your let-down. You can also use it without the vibrations during the feeding to help speed up your flow. These simple steps may be all your baby needs to get in the nursing groove.

Increase Pumping Output: When a baby latches on to its mother’s breast, a hormonal response signals to the mom’s brain to release milk. This doesn’t always happen with women who use a breast pump. Some women find pumping to be unnatural and awkward and have difficulty responding to the pump. If pumping is a constant challenge for you, try using the Lactation Massager to massage around the pump flanges while taking deep breaths and thinking about your baby. Research shows that massaging while pumping also helps increase milk output. A real win-win!

Reduce Weaning Discomfort: Take a slow and steady approach to weaning. Interestingly, even moms who are nearing the end of their breastfeeding journey and who haven’t felt engorged in months, suddenly experience breast fullness when dropping a feeding or extending the time between feeds. The Lactation Massager can help you express just enough milk to feel comfortable again.

The Lactation Massager can do so much more than open a plugged duct.You can use it to increase your milk output, express milk when the breasts become overfull, and restore milk flow whenever there’s a slowdown. To learn 

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