Real Moms, Real Experiences

While taking care of a new baby is so important, a new mom needs to be taken care of, too. Studies have shown that more mothers prefer self-care for nursing issues than treatments at the hospital. Wouldn’t it be better for moms to get  lactation education resources at home? 

Luckily, we’ve got a host of products and resources to help lactating moms. Our community of mothers, lactation consultants, and women’s health experts use LaVie to feel more confident in nursing. 

Lactation Training and the Women’s Health Community

Asking more experienced moms is a great way to prepare for breastfeeding. However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing personal stories with moms you know, you need some help. 

That's where LaVie Moms come in. This community helps you learn from the moms who’ve successfully nursed and/or pumped with greater comfort by using LaVie lactation health products.

Many of the moms who’ve left reviews on our breastfeeding and pumping products share tips about how the product helps the most. Check out the reviews below for ideas and insights into fellow moms’ lactation experience.

LaVie Product Reviews

It’s no secret that lactation comes with many challenges, sometimes more than others. At LaVie, nothing thrills us more than to see our products bringing relief and comfort to new moms so they can enjoy their lactation journey to the fullest.

Here’s what moms everywhere are saying about how our products have helped them improve their breast health, milk production, and overall lactation experience. Reviews may take a few moments to load.