Micro USB Charge Cable - Warming Lactation Massagers (original)


Once you start with lactation massagers, you can't stop. But what if you lose the charging cable? No worries, charge your Warming Lactation Massager with this spare micro USB charging cable.

Please note: This is a replacement charging cord for the original version of the LaVie Warming Lactation Massager, sold from 2019 through mid-2021. Please check to make sure that your Warming Lactation Massager has a Micro USB port before ordering. If you bought your massager after July 2021, you can find the updated charging cable here.   ​​

LaVie Guarantee

Every product available at LaVie Moms comes with a one-year warranty. If you run into any issues with your original charging cable, email us at We will replace it in no time. 

Product Features 

We get it: breastfeeding moms are busy! If you lost or misplaced your charging cable, we’ve got your back. This micro USB charge cable is an exact replacement for the Warming Lactation Massagers. 

This spare charging cord comes with various features, such as:

  • Flexible and Durable: This charging cord never disappoints. It can be easily bent for storage and is less prone to breakage. Plus, it is made with high-quality and durable silicone, which makes it last longer. 
  • Compatible: The spare micro USB charging cord is 100% compatible with your warming lactation massager. You can also use it for any other micro USB-enabled device like speakers, smartphones, or tablets. 
  • Safe: LaVie knows the importance of safety for breastfeeding moms. That’s why we offer a micro USB charging cable with a good current holding capacity. It protects your warming lactation massager from over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit, ensuring safe charging. 
  • Warranty: If you feel any problem regarding this charging cable or another LaVie product, contact our team. We will be happy to assist.
  • Fast Charging: This spare micro USB charge cable has fast charging technology that charges the warming lactation massager in minutes. 
  • Convenient: Whether you are traveling or at home, charging is a breeze. Just plug one end into a regular USB socket and the other end into the micro USB port of the device. It’s compatible with most car chargers or power banks.

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