Prebiotic Fiber Gummies for Women 60 Count

      Enjoy postpartum comfort with LaVie Fiber Gummies - the prebiotic fiber supplements designed to keep your digestive system smooth and regular. Crafted with care, these easy-to-chew peach and berry flavored gummies are packed with prebiotic fiber, renowned for its ability to maintain soft andregular stools. Whether it's your first postpartum poop or future ones, these gummies are here to make the experience a bit more comfortable and hassle-free.
    • Gut and Digestive Support: These gummies promote friendly gut bacteria, aid digestion, and may help strengthen the immune system. Take 2 gummies daily, with 60 vegetarian gummies in each bottle, providing a 30-day supply. Consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement when pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Enhanced Digestive Health: Naturally packed with fiber, these gummies support the elimination of toxins from your gastrointestinal tract, promoting bowel health, easing digestive discomfort, and maintaining a healthy appetite.
    • Clean and Allergen-Free: Crafted without gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, GMOs, and other harmful ingredients. Third-party tested for quality assurance.
    • Bowel Regularity: The natural stool softening effect of fiber encourages bowel regularity by increasing stool weight and size. This, in turn, facilitates easier passage and reduces the risk of constipation.