LaVie Peri Bottle for Gentle Postpartum with Storage Bag


The LaVie Mom Portable Peri Bottle, is a product designed to make postpartum care simple, efficient, and mess-free. It is designed as a better, more user-friendly alternative to traditional hospital spritz bottles often given to new mothers. Here are the key features and details of this product:

  1. Larger Capacity: The V-spritz holds 13 oz of water, making it larger than other brands which typically hold about 10 oz. This larger capacity means less frequent refilling, giving new mothers more time to bond with their babies.
  2. Gentle and Discreet: The bottle offers a gentle cleansing experience. The pro-tip for usage is to use warm water only. For added soothing relief, it's recommended to add 1-2 drops of witch hazel.
  3. Portable and Leak Free: This peri bottle is portable, making it easy to carry on-the-go. It also comes with a handy storage bag for discreet carrying or storage. The design of the bottle ensures no leaks or mess during use.
  4. Easy to Use and Hassle-Free: The V-spritz has an ergonomic, user-friendly design which is more convenient than the traditional hospital's hand-in-the-toilet bottle. To use, simply squeeze the bottle to release a gentle stream of warm water.
  5. Long-Lasting and Durable: Trust in the quality and durability of the V-spritz for lasting postpartum care and comfort.
  6. Ideal for C-Section Mothers: The bottle can be used to gently cleanse the vaginal area and incisions without applying pressure.
  7. Hospital Bag Essential: It's suggested to use the bottle during the first post-delivery bathroom trips at the hospital and back at home.

Overall, the LaVie Mom Portable Peri Bottle, or V-spritz, offers an effective, gentle, and hassle-free solution for postpartum care. Its larger capacity, user-friendly design, and portable nature make it a must-have for new mothers.