Postpartum Belly Band Abdominal Binder "Organ-izer" in Black

Color - Black

Postpartum essentials: LaVie Postpartum Belly Band provides comfortable compression to support postpartum recovery by supporting your tummy and back while helping to strengthen your core muscles after all types of childbirth.

Easy to Wear: made from breathable, sweat free, soft and flexible neoprene that allows you to move about your day comfortably while supporting your core as it recovers.

This belly wrap was mainly developed as an after-birth essential for mom, it will also offer comfort and support as a compression garment for other abdominal surgeries: hysterectomy, tummy tuck, liposuction, and gastroplasty.


Expertly designed to comfortably fit most postpartum bodies. Binder is 8” in height, Fits up to 48” waist size.


Place the band around the middle of the belly support band across your lower back, Gently pull the non-velcro side across your belly then close the abdominal wrap by adjusting the velcro to provide a snug, but comfortable fit.