How to Give Your Breasts a Good Massage While Pumping

How to Give Your Breasts a Good Massage While Pumping

How to Give Your Breasts a Good Massage While Pumping

During a breastfeeding or pumping session, it is a good idea to give your breasts a massage. Doing this will relax your muscles and prevent clogs, both of which are painful for you. Moreover, a massage will reduce swelling of the breast tissue, making it easier for the baby to latch on the nipple. So, while you're pumping, make sure to give your breasts a good massage.

To start with, try giving your breasts a gentle massage with your lactation massager. A simple massage is recommended for a ffew minutes to be done while pumping or nursing. If you can't spare the time, you can use your hands free nursing or pumping bra to give a few gentle squeezes to your breasts. 

When you're doing the massage, use firm circular pressure to gently knead the breasts and nipple, and continue the downward stroking motion over the whole breast. Then you can place your warming lactation massagers or vibrating lactation massager in your pumping bra to improve your milk flow.

During the process of pumping, you can use your hands free pumping bra to perform breast compressions since it is fully adjustable you can easily tighten for increased pressure. These bras do not interfere with the pumping parts and pump flanges. This helps you to pump more efficiently while wearing the hands free bra. New moms can benefit from learning of the importance of breast massage while breastfeeding to prevent clogging ducts and mastitis.

You should not stop massaging your breasts before you start pumping. Your massage will increase the circulation of the breasts and stimulate milk ducts. In addition to this, it will also relax the muscles that are involved in milk production and prevent clogs. So, make sure you massage your breasts while pumping. Manual breast massage can be tiresome and limits your movement to multitask with baby, never ending laundry, or good old fashion scrolling social media.

Moreover, breast massage should be gentle and not hurt. The technique should be painless, so you shouldn't feel any discomfort. While pumping, try to pump as gently as you can, and try to avoid putting pressure on your breasts. This will encourage the milk to flow through your breasts. The resulting milk will be better for your baby and you. Then, just take your time and try to enjoy the process.

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