Why Throw a Mom Shower?

Why Throw a Mom Shower?

Why Throw a Mom Shower?

Here at LaVie, we are huge fans of mom showers! This new take on the baby shower is great for new moms because the focus is on celebrating and supporting mom during her journey. While traditional baby showers are focused on gifts for the baby, mom showers center around the mother and her needs. Here are a few reasons why we think mom showers are a great idea, particularly to support new moms:

  1. Celebrating Motherhood
    Pregnancy and motherhood are significant life events, and it's important to celebrate and honor the mother during this time. Mom showers provide an opportunity to do just that by creating a space for the mother-to-be to feel appreciated and loved.

  2. Supporting the Mother's Needs
    Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging, and mom showers are a way to support the mother's needs during this time. Whether it's a pampering station, a relaxation activity, or an advice jar, mom showers provide a space for the mother to take care of herself and receive support from her loved ones.

  3. Building a Support Network
    Mom showers are a great way to build a support network for the new mother. Bringing together friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival can create a sense of community and support that can be invaluable during the postpartum period. As you know, raising a little one takes a village!

  4. Focusing on the Mother-Child Bond
    While baby showers are focused on gifts for the baby, mom showers are centered around the mother and the bond between her and her child. Activities such as creating custom onesies or signing messages in a baby book can help strengthen this bond and create a sense of connection between the mother and her child.

  5. Creating Lasting Memories
    Mom showers provide an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family. Whether it's taking pictures in a photo booth or singing lullabies at a karaoke station, these memories will be cherished by the mother for years to come.

  6. Gifts For Mom
    There are a lot of tools and resources that can transform mom's journey, but many moms only find out about them after they no longer need them or have had multiple children. By focusing on what mom needs, we can bridge that disconnect. This is especially helpful for first-time moms as she starts her journey. 

In conclusion, mom showers are great for new moms because they celebrate motherhood, support the mother's needs, build a support network, focus on the mother-child bond, create lasting memories, and offer an ideal opportunity to bring thoughtful gifts for mom. By centering the event around her, mom showers provide an opportunity to show mom how much she is loved and appreciated during this significant time in her life.